Posted by: Ger Rietman | June 17, 2010

NemaStudio Version 1.7 released


NemaStudio Version 1.7

I just released NemaStudio Version 1.7. The new version can be downloaded and installed from the download section of the Sailsoft website.

Optimized thread handling

A lot of work has gone into optimizing the thread handling of the serial IO handlers. This optimization solves the apparent freezing of the User Interface in situations where too much data was multiplexed over a port with too little bandwidth, mostly this occurs with 4800 bps connections.

I have also introduced a cache that is buffering the sentences before they are transmitted to the selected ports. This is made visible on the status bar on the bottom of the main Window.

Status bar

You can easily follow port buffer overruns captured in the cache since from now on the status bar shows the number of sentences in the cache still to be sent. When you see this number increase you know that you have a situation as described before.

Balance the output!

There are a number of options available in NemaStudio to avoid this situation and to balance the output:

  1. Increase the baud rate of some or all transmitting instruments
  2. Use different serial ports for some instruments
  3. Lower the frequency the sentences are sent (interval timer)
  4. Limit the number of instruments transmitting simultaneously
  5. Limit the number of different sentences per instrument
  6. Set the output of some or all instruments to UDP instead of a serial port
  7. Use the ‘Stop All’ button to temporarily suspend the output until the buffers are emptied
  8. A smart combination of some or all of these
New Start All, Stop All and Close All toolbar buttons

3 New buttons are introduced on the toolbar to facilitate simultaneous starting, stopping and closing of all tabbed objects (see image above).

Other updates

A few bugs were corrected, with the most important the Special Manoeuvre Indicator not showing in the AIS message type 1.

Work to do

I still need to upgrade the help file to the current version. I am also considering an ‘Automatic Check For Updates’ function in NemaStudio, but that would require a ‘Call Home’ over the internet each time NemaStudio is started and I am aware that some users are not in favor of that. I have asked all NemaStudio users for an opinion, and will base my decision on the result.


  1. Dear Sir

    I’m the Service and Support Manager for Danelec Marine and have the responsebility to train technicians all over the world for our VDR/SVDR and ECDIS products.

    I have been downloading the NemaStudio, and I understand that it is possible to run a simulation with output on diffent serial ports. This is a nice feature. Nema Talker can simulate the same instuments except AIS, but only generate this on one port.

    But for ECDIS simulation/training I need a NAVTEX service. As far as I can see this is not possible, do you have any plans to include this in the Nema Studio?

    For your information we are traning all technicians in Radio Holland Group, Sperry Marine and our own network. Over the last years I have trained over 700 technicians.

    If the Nema Studio have the same range of instruments as Nema Talker, except that this can be divided into more ports, why is the price diffence so big.

    Best regards
    Danelec Marine

    Torben Holmelund
    Service & Support Manager

  2. Hello Torsten,

    Thank you for your comments.

    NemaStudio does not support NAVTEX since it simulates instruments that produce NMEA-0183 output. NAVTEX is not defined by NMEA, neither in the 0183 specs nor in the 2000 specs afaik.

    We are happy to give you an offer for the development of a NAVTEX simulator to be based on your specifications.

    The price difference between NemaTalker and NemaStudio is easily explained; please check out the differences here:

    As you can see on this Sailsoft web page there is a lot more than “just AIS”.

    In all this extra functionality we have invested considerable development time and in our opinion this more than justifies the price difference.

    But then: the license price for a product like NemaStudio is really a steal considered the benefits.

    • NemaStudio will save you a lot of money because there is no need to purchase real NMEA devices for your training. For 249 Euro’s you can’t even buy one proper GPS, let alone sounders, speed logs, wind meters, AIS transceivers for Class A, Class B, Base Stations, SAR planes and AtoNs.

    • It will let you conduct your training conveniently in your own class rooms, no or at least less need for onboard training

    • NemaStudio will give you full control over the dynamics of targets and virtual instruments so you can reproduce a difficult training situation as many times you like

    We have sold several NemaStudio licenses to both the customers you mention (Sperry Marine and Radio Holland) as well as to many more very reputable marine companies worldwide.

    In fact NemaStudio was developed in close co-operation with a few of these companies and many participated in the NemaStudio beta test program. We still receive a lot of feedback and suggestions for new functionality from many companies. We would be very happy to welcome Danelec Marine to this group.

    Hope to have answered your questions to your satisfaction,

    With kind regards,
    /Ger Rietman

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