Posted by: Ger Rietman | October 8, 2017

New version of WaypointCreator, now WaypointsCreator



As many already know, WaypointCreator is a nice, free, little program by Sailsoft. No license required.

Unfortunately, due to various license restrictions imposed by some map providers lately , the original program stopped working correctly and threw a number of fatal exception errors at start. Luckily a number of users reported this, so time to consider a new version, and also rename it to WaypointsCreator. note the plural.

What does WaypointsCreator actually do?

WaypointsCreator is a handy little program for creating route waypoints. You can use a number of different maps, amongst others Bing Maps and Google Maps. To create waypoints, simply click on the map location where you want to set a waypoint.

WaypointsCreator will transform the waypoint locations to valid NMEA 0183 $GPWPL sentences or to GPX  format waypoints. You can save these as a text file or as a GPX formatted XML file for later input to GPS and other navigation applications.

NemaStudio and WaypointsCreator

The NMEA 0183 $GPWPL waypoint files can be used in NemaStudio to feed the navigate and auto functions in the GPS module of the program. Note that GPX files are not supported in NemaStudio.

License and support

The program is completely free and may also be distributed freely. No user license is required. Support is limited, but if you have any comments, remarks or suggestions for improvement or new functionality please let me know.


WaypointsCreator relies heavily on the “GreatMaps” control component. GMap.NET is a free, cross platform, open source .NET control. Enables the use of routing, geocoding, directions and maps from a large number of map providers in Windows Forms & Presentation, supports caching and runs on windows mobile.

Download and install

WaypointsCreator can be downloaded and installed from the download page on the Sailsoft website.

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