Posted by: Ger Rietman | December 3, 2009

New website to announce NemaStudio V1.1


At last! After months of hard work and with the much appreciated help of quite a number of beta testers it is now time to announce the first production version of NemaStudio.

To celebrate this I also decided to introduce a complete new design for the Sailsoft web site. The old one was out there on the internet for over 12 years so it really became time!

Not being a web designer it took a lot more time than anticipated. And yes, I know, I should have left the work to a professional, but then I would never have learned what I’ve learned now…

I have also introduced new pricing for NemaTalker and GPSSimul to bring them a bit more in line with the license price of NemaStudio. A single license of NemaStudio is currently priced at EUR 249, and that is what I believe a fair compensation for all the benefits and features it comes with. And remember: competition is priced in the 4-digit price range for a lot less versatility NemaStudio offers!

At the same time I offer a 50% (yes, fifty percent!) discount for registered NemaTalker customers when they purchase a NemaStudio license before February 1, 2010. They earn a EUR 125 value just by ordering fast!

So far the commercial message……Now back to NemaStudio. The following improvements have been implemented since the last beta version.

  • NemaStudio now remembers the objects that were open at exiting and re-opens them again at next program start
  • Optionally you can give an AIS base station a name tag
  • GPS, Radar and AIS objects now open with a random Lat/Lon position within a preset range from a base position when created new. In the general settings you can set up this base position and range

Plus many minor improvements and reported bug corrections.

Up to the next production version now! Lots of new features on the list!

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