Posted by: Ger Rietman | September 4, 2014

Focus on KNRM (Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution)


The Dutch KNRM (Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij) is probably the only Search And Rescue organization in the world operating without any form of governmental financial support.

The whole operation is fully funded by means of donations from private persons and sponsoring by companies!

Currently they have 80 SAR vessels in operation and 1300 volunteers crewing the vessels and helping ashore. All dedicated to rescuing people!

Sailsoft sponsors KNRM by donating as many free licenses of NemaStudio as required.  NemaStudio is used in maintenance, research and training by various disciplines within the KNRM organization. Recently I received the following testimonial from the head of IT and Communications of KNRM:

"NemaStudio has a huge value for our SAR organization. The software helps us during investigations related to error and operational handling without the need of connecting all kind of additional and specific equipment. In our world we face a lot of brands and technology on board of our 80 SAR vessels. Originally we started to work with the product in the maintenance and repair department. Currently NemaStudio is used in several areas of our organization like maintenance and repair, research, innovation, simulation, training and assessment. In some cases even at the level of mission critical application. Sailsoft is both technically and financially delivering a significant contribution to our work and primary assignment: Search and Rescue people at Sea. We really like the product and the support of Sailsoft is great. "
Carlo Hukema, Head of IT and Communications 
Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (KNRM)

Of course I am very happy that Sailsoft is allowed to contribute in such a useful way to this great SAR initiative.

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