Posted by: Ger Rietman | March 11, 2013

NemaStudio version 1.19 released

NemaStudio Velocity instrument

New in version 1.19

In order to simulate a more dynamic behaviour the Velocity instrument and the Weather instrument can from this version of NemaStudio optionally be linked to any active Header instrument.

This affects the NMEA 0183 VHW, VWR and VWT sentences when the user applies the link to the Heading.

VHW sentence


As can be seen in the example above, both True Heading and Magnetic Heading are copied from the linked Heading instrument in NemaStudio.

VWR and VWT sentences

When a Heading instrument is linked to the Weather instrument, both VWR and VWT sentences will relate the wind angle to the True Heading of the linked Heading instrument.

Other changes

As you know, incoming data over a serial I/O port is not interpreted by NemaStudio, there are several other applications on the internet available if you need this.

However, NemaStudio will read the incoming data and show the data in the I/O Port Monitor panel in red colour. Reading data resulted in some cases in thread/timing conflicts when the same port was used for transmitting data, causing NemaStudio to hang. This has been corrected.

There was also a small bug introduced with the arrow key handling in version 1.28. This bug has been corrected.

Download and install

You can download and install Version 1.19 of NemaStudio via the following link:

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