Posted by: Ger Rietman | February 15, 2013

NemaStudio version V1.18 released

Capture Transducer

Version 1.18 of NemaStudio

Almost a year has passed since the last version update of NemaStudio, Sailsoft’s NMEA 0183 and AIS simulator.

This proves that the latest versions of NemaStudio apparently  seem to be quite stable  and I am very happy about that.

Yet there always seems room for improvement, and – for various reasons -I unfortunately cannot always honour all requests for additional functionality, but most will get through. Like this one that I like to introduce here as a complete new instrument in NemaStudio: the Transducer.

In this version of NemaStudio the Transducer is currently still quite basic, and I am anxiously awaiting your suggestions for improvements.


As you can see on the image above (click on it for full scale) you can identify 4 sensors. This is the maximum number of sensors you can send in one sentence with NemaStudio. If you need more just create another instance of the Transducer object.

Formatter and Identifier

Currently the only formatter used in the Transducer object is $—XDR, and I do not know if there are other common formatters that can be used within this context. Also I must admit the choice of Identifiers is rather limited as you can see. My guess is that $II is most used in practice.

Type and Unit fields

Both Type and Unit can be selected via a Dropdown/Combo box. Note that there is currently no relational consistency check between these fields. So it is quite possible to output Frequency data as Litres per Hour as you can see in the example!

What else is new in version 1.18?

Control Center
  • When the Control Center has focus (you can give it focus by clicking it) you can use the arrow keys to change course and speed
  • It is no longer possible to set the course control to a value of 360 degrees
General Settings
  • A new option is introduced here to enable automatic start when the program is opened. This option is very useful when NemaStudio needs to be run as a background task.
Heading instrument
  • The $—THS sentence is added
  • The maximum value of all ‘degrees’ up/down controls is now 359.9 instead of 360
  • All ‘degrees’ up/down controls  will now loop, meaning that when the maximum limit is reached the value will be reset to 0.0 and also the other way round.

Where to download this new version of NemaStudio

You can download and install this new version of NemaStudio here:

To licensed users

This version is free for you and works with your current license codes.

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