Posted by: Ger Rietman | October 22, 2012

Create your own AIS targets in


NemaStudio AIS simulator

Because NemaStudio transmits the simulated AIS ships positions similar to a ‘real’ AIS transceiver it is very well possible and actually very easy to use the simulated AIS messages from NemaStudio for uploading to web services and sites like

Setting up the connection to

It is as simple as in NemaStudio to set up a few AIS targets and set the output port to UDP, the remote IP address to and the remote port to 5321.

Trial version vs full version

Although the trial version of NemaStudio will work OK you will hardly be able to create AIS streams of sufficient length and duration since the maximum number of AIS messages is limited to 500 per run in the trial version. You will need to obtain the full version of NemaStudio in order to create AIS streams of sufficient length for uploading to for at least a few hours to see your targets sail a track on the marinetraffic maps.

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