Posted by: Ger Rietman | January 27, 2012

All NMEA simulators from Sailsoft now .Net based


NemaTalker V2.1 released

With the release of Version 2.1 of NemaTalker all simulation products from Sailsoft are now based on the Microsoft .Net Framework.

For the customer this has the benefit of better controls, better I/O handling and better management of resources, resulting in a much better performance.

For me it means more effective maintenance and support because I require only one toolset from now on. Maintaining a high level of consistency between the applications is much more convenient now also.

Better balance between price and functionality

As you may remember, last month Sailsoft already released a complete new version of GpsSimul. This new version came with a newly designed attractive user interface and many improvements compared to the previous versions.

And today Sailsoft releases a complete new version of NemaTalker, the NMEA 0183 simulator, also with a new GUI, more functionality and better performance.

I believe that Sailsoft’s range of NMEA simulation products now covers about everybody’s needs, from a single GPS simulator via a versatile NMEA 0183 sensor simulator up to a full multi-instrument NMEA simulator with extensive AIS simulation for the professional in the nautical  and marine industry.

Sailsoft also adjusted the license price for GpsSimul (now EUR 59) and NemaTalker (now EUR 179) so they are more in line with the functionality offered, yet still retaining the absolutely modest price level.

New in NemaTalker Version 2.1

Compared to the previous versions NemaTalker offers the following new functionality

  • Settings are no longer saved in registry but instead in xml file
  • Integrated help and documentation
  • Complete new user interface with panels that can be moved, docked, fixed or float
  • Integrated text file editor facilitating easy editing of waypoint text  files
  • Start and stop all instruments and sensors together at the same time
  • The number of decimal positions (precision) for GPS output sentences can optionally be defined

Functionality in NemaStudio not in NemaTalker

Many of the features of NemaStudio can now also be found in NemaTalker V2.1. However, NemaStudio remains the absolute top for the demanding professional with the following not offered by NemaTalker:

  • Full simulation of unlimited AIS Class A, Class B targets and SAR, Base Station and AtoN AIS objects
  • Multiple simultaneous copies of instruments(sensors)
  • Radar targets with dynamic distance and time to CPA calculations
  • Output from sensors and targets can be sent to any output port
  • Output from sensors can be multiplied over one serial port
  • Any combination of the above two statements is possible
  • Can effectively be connected to ECDIS for simulated sensor and target input
  • Default initial position and range for targets can be optionally set
  • Real UTC can be overridden with ‘user defined’ UTC
  • Optionally checks for newer version

For a complete comparison between GpsSimul, NemaTalker and NemaStudio see the comparison table on the Sailsoft website.


  1. Hi, I have some problems with writing a VBScript code for NMEA 0183 checksum. And I saw that you have a post about something similar in 2008. May I consult you for help via email?


  2. Hallo Ger,

    Heb ik het mis, dat jij het was dat Jaaaren geleden een foxpro commnunicatie programma gemaakt hebt voor Furuno? Kan ik dat nog ergens vinden?

    • Sorry Henk, it was not me…
      Althans geen Foxpro.
      Ik heb wel ooit een Furuno programma gemaakt in VB6 voor het uploaden van waypoints.

      • Ger, dank je voor msg. Heb de betreffende software er even bij gezocht, inderdaad iemand anders, SQ consultancy & software
        Kees Beekhuizen. In ieder geval krijg ik die software niet meer aan de praat en ben op zoek naar iets om de waypoints van mijn GP 32 op te kunnen slaan. Een idee?

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