Posted by: Ger Rietman | January 5, 2012

Sailsoft releases complete new version of her NMEA 0183 GPS simulator GpsSimul


New version of GpsSimul released

I am happy to announce a complete new version of GpsSimul. The first version of this great NMEA 0183 GPS simulator was released back in November 1999. There have been various updates of the program since the past 12 years but now it became really time for a radical new change.

The update was also needed because it became increasingly hard to support the old version that was written in VB6. The new version V4 is now based on the Microsoft .Net Framework and has a complete new designed GUI (graphical User Interface) as you can find out here.

A nice gimmick is the compass rose in the navigate window, automatically rotating into the direction that we are sailing or driving to.Screenshot_GpsSimul_SetupMode_thumb

Also new are the blue arrows for steering, speed and altitude. on both sides of the GUI. When holding these down with the mouse pointer they will increase or decrease the values for course, velocity or altitude until released, making a dynamic simulation scenario possible.

At the bottom of the GUI you will find the following buttons

  • to switch between Setup Mode and Navigate Mode,
  • to switch between the Trace window and the NMEA 0183 sentences window
  • to enable or disable logging to a text file
  • and of course to start and stop the simulation

You will find more details on the Sailsoft web site or go straight here.

The new version can be downloaded and installed directly from this link: Download GpsSimul Version V4.0, and as usual, this is a fully functional and free trial!

For the next two month (January and February 2012) the license price will remain the same as for the old version 3.3.1, but Sailsoft will probably increase the price after that period.

The license codes for the previous version of GpsSimul are not valid for the new version V4.

Users of version 3.3.1 of GpsSimul that purchased their license during October to December last year (the last 3 months of 2011) can obtain a license for the new version without any extra costs when they send a request to Sailsoft and include their V3.3.1 license codes in the mail.



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