Posted by: Ger Rietman | May 19, 2011

V1.13, minor update NemaStudio


NemaStudio new version 1.13

Sailsoft just released Version 1.13 of NemaStudio, the professional version of her NMEA 0183 simulator.

This is a minor release. In this version  some small bugs are solved and a new NMEA0183 GPS sentence is introduced.

The  $GPGSV sentence according the IEC61162 / NMEA 0183 standard shows the number of satellites in view, and per satellite the satellite number, elevation, azimuth and SNR value. The format of the $GPGSV sentence as implemented in NemaStudio looks as follows:


The values for Elevation, Azimuth and SNR are generated randomly. The the value for the total number of satellites in view is taken from the “Satellites” field in the GPS simulator. This value also determines the number of GSV sentences generated: 1, 2 or 3. Observe that each sentence can show a maximum of 4 satellites (SV’s). It can occur that empty sentences are generated, dependent on the number of satellites ticked in the “Satellites used” tab for GPS (1-32) or WAAS (33-64).

Corrected bugs in this version

The following bugs are corrected:

  • Sounder: Transducer Offset, sign now automatically changes to negative if "from Keel" is selected and to positive if “to Waterline” is selected
  • Velocity: Distance counters, counters now increase at negative speed, this affects the VLW sentence
  • GPS: $GPXTE sentence, direction to steer never changed to "L", corrected

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