Posted by: Ger Rietman | April 14, 2011

NemaStudio v.1.12 released


NemaStudio new version 1.12

The object in the image at the left that looks like a pincushion is a screen shot from the new help file and User Guide of NemaStudio 1.12. Click on the image to enlarge and to see more detail.

The blue ‘needles’ point to the fields where you can input or change data, clicking on a numbered blue dot will bring you to a short description, purpose and usage of the field. All instruments and targets in NemaStudio have been described in this way.

Opening the Help menu in NemaStudio will present you with three obvious options to access and open the help file: Contents, Index and Search.

The help file is implemented as a compiled ‘.chm’ file and the v.1.12 installer will place it in the same directory where the other program files of NemaStudio are installed.

For easy reference the User Guide is also published as a PDF document and as a searchable HTML file with menu bar on the Sailsoft website.

Other changes in this version

The new and revised help file is not the only update in version 1.12. Some small bugs were corrected and limited new functionality was implemented also:

  • Communication settings: if Stopbits=Two was selected, OnePointFive was saved. (Corrected);
  • All objects: stopping the object now closes the port, re-starting re-opens the port again (New);
  • All objects: re-starting now updates the port settings text below the port selector (New);
  • AIS message type 14: !AIBBM changed to !AIVDM to comply with most transceivers (New);
  • AIS targets: MMSI number was erroneously initialized with some number with a length of 10 digits instead of 9 digits. (Corrected)
Download links

You can download and install the new version from the download section of the Sailsoft website or by clicking the following direct link:

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