Posted by: Ger Rietman | June 12, 2009

NemaStudio Beta 4 released

NavMonPC 001

This week the Beta 4 version of NemaStudio was released. It includes many improvements compared to Beta 3. The most important is that now all instruments have been implemented, including Weather, Sounder, Velocity, Radar and Heading. Also included is the possibility to configure your own “Custom” instrument. All objects have improved functionality compared to NemaTalker. And of course, you can ´mix and match´ the assignment of serial ports  to the different instruments as required.

Rudder control

A new `RUDDER`control was added to the Control Panel. With this control you can steer the GPS, simulating a rudder change of your vessel. I have plans to include this functionality in the AIS Class A and Class B targets also.

New test tool

In the picture above you see a test setting with a large laptop at the left and a mini notebook at the right. They are connected via Bluetooth dongles, NavMonPCset up for serial port communication. (See also my article on serial port connections). On the large laptop runs NemaStudio, on the mini notebook runs a tool I found recently, called NavMonPC,  according to the author “A Windows Program for the Display, Capture, and Playback of NMEA data”. I found this a great tool for testing NemaStudio output sentences because NavMonPC dynamically parses many NMEA sentences directly to a nice graphical representation, not only with good looking gauges for Course, Speed and Wind but has also a nice map for showing AIS targets.



  1. Hello,

    I am interesting in NMEA Studio for testing my product. How can i try this software?


    • Hello Emil,
      NemaStudio is not up for sale yet, since it is still in beta.
      I will contact you by emai directly to ask some questions.

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