Posted by: Ger Rietman | February 9, 2009

NemaStudio Beta 2 released


Today I have released Beta 2 of NemaStudio! Beta testers have been informed of where to download this version.

New in this version:

1. I have extended the Communications settings form with a button marked "Reload Ports".
When NemaStudio is run for the first time it fills a port settings table with one row for each serial port found in the system, and saves this table in an xml file for next time retrieval each time you close the program. This is done to save your specific serial port settings so there is no need to set them again each time you run the program. Adding new serial ports or removing ports thereafter was not reflected in the settings table.
Now the new button enables you to reload the table with the new serial ports collection. Consequently all serial port settings are set back to the Windows default, so if you had changed these you have to do that again for the ports involved. In most systems however adding or removing serial ports will happen seldom, so I believe this is a very minor inconvenience.

2. Most of the reported bugs were corrected.

3. This beta version includes support for AIS Class A and Class B vessels.
Class A messages include Message 1 and 5.
Class B messages include Message 18, 19, 24 and 14.
Observe that messages 1, 5, 18, 19 and 24 are embedded in !AIVDM/!AIVDO NMEA sentences, where message 14 goes into an !AIBBM sentence.

I am very anxious to the findings of the beta testers, since I have not been able to find an AIS parser that is able to parse and show all message content complete and correctly, leaving me in some state of not being certain.

SeaClear for example does not show Name, Type and Cargo correctly for Class A vessels as far as I can see, and does not show the vessels name for Class B vessels at all. Yet I believe that apparently I have Name, Type and Cargo right because other parsers show them correctly, but for Class B I really don’t know.

So if you know of a good parser for the most relevant AIS sentences please let me know! There is no need for chart plotting features, just parsing AIS data into a text window will do fine.


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