Posted by: Ger Rietman | November 12, 2008

NemaStudio’s new Control Panel


I think that the design of the new control panel in NemaStudio is an improvement compared to the control panel (‘the Cockpit’) in NemaTalker.

The new design make the controls very flexible, offering different choices of changing the values of altitude, speed and course.

As you can see each control has a text box, up- and down arrows and a slider. This gives the possibility of creating different steps for increasing and decreasing the values.

Firstly you have the option of just typing in the required value in the text box, sometimes the quickest option.

Secondly, using the up- and down arrows will increase or decrease the value by 1.

Then as a third option, moving the slider will increase/decrease the value in much larger steps, e.g. the Altitude with a step value of 1000 (meters in this case).

And finally, clicking on the track of the slider will increase or decrease the value with a predefined fixed value, a smaller value then when moving the slider.

For example, moving the slider will increase the course value with 20 degrees, each click on the track of the slider will increase the value with just 5 degrees.

From feedback of NemaTalker users I learned that the simulator is used by many different ‘trades’, from sail applications to truck tracing and aeroplanes.

This creates different demands on the min and max values of the controls. Currently they are fixed (Altitude to 10000 meters, Velocity to 700 knots), but in future releases of NemaStudio I plan to make the maximum and step values a user settable option.

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