Posted by: Ger Rietman | October 30, 2008

NemaStudio sneak preview

 NemaStudioDemo Here is a first impression of the user interface of NemaStudio. I realize there is not much to see from this tiny picture, but I have also prepared a few demo’s showing larger images.

The demo’s I have captured, recorded and saved with Jing, a great project of TechSmith, the developers of Camtasia Studio.

The videos require the Flash plugin in your browser.

I have prepared three demo’s, click on the links to run:

I apologise on beforehand for the amateurishly looking videos, but I hope the videos will give you an ample first impression.

In the mean time I am working hard towards the deadline of the first beta release (which in fact will be more of an alpha then a beta). I have also prepared an issue/bug tracking system for a limited number of beta testers to report their findings.

If you like to apply for participating in one of the tests, please send me an email.

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