Posted by: Ger Rietman | October 27, 2008

GPS practice and fun


There is absolutely no lack of GPS information on the internet. A simple Google search with search key ‘GPS’ gives not less than 364.000.000 results! That is amazing considering that only 15 years ago very few people had ever heard of a ‘Global Positioning System’ powered by satellites.

I bought my first GPS in 1996 from a UK based company called StreamLine – now out of business – for our boat. The only function of this GPS was to obtain and display the current position. No tracking or tracing, no waypoints, no fancy maps. Just a simple replacement for a sextant and/or Dead Reckoning methods. Since then I have been using several units from different manufacturers, from Garmin to Lowrance and Furuno. The technological progress in such few years is really amazing.

As said before, no lack of GPS information on the internet. Yet I want you to introduce to another great website maintained by a very GPS enthusiastic webmaster. The site is loaded with tons of information on the subject.

What I really like is the software section of the site, and in particular the part dedicated to software for GPS developers. Not in the last place of course because Andreas was so kind to allocate generous space there for my Sailsoft products!


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